12 Jan

The Hidden Danger of Bruxism In The City of London

Most conditions and problems that arise in the mouth are quite obvious and can be put right straight away, but it’s the ones that are not quite so immediately obvious that can do the most damage without you even knowing at first, bruxism being one of them. It’s the term used for continual teeth grinding and it is an easy condition to suffer from in a stressful place like the city of London. As has been said, it isn’t the most easiest of problems to spot at first and not only may you be doing it ignorantly during the day, but if you take the stresses of a day in the city into the bedroom, it’s very likely you’ll be grinding away in your sleep as well. Over time, you may notice that you are feeling fatigued when you wake, as well as your jaws aching and even clicking when you chew- a sure sign of bruxism. But your dentist will also pick up that your teeth are becoming abnormally worn. The initial remedy is to fit you with a mouth-guard to protect your teeth, but this will be followed with a course of therapy to help analyse the causes of your stress, remedy them and then teach you how to unwind. If you don’t, continual grinding will do shocking damage to your jaws, cause tinnitus in the ears, promote headaches and do untold damage to your neck and upper back.