30 Sep

The hidden Side Effects of Implants in London

The benefits of having a dental implant fitted has been well charted over the decades and they have been a great aid in the restoring a full set of teeth to the mouth. Later, their use has been extended to help in the support of denture wearers and the location of a dental bridge. And since the surgery has refined itself and become cheaper and more widespread, people all over London are clamoring for the treatment after suffering from tooth loss. However, the body is a temperamental temple, and doesn’t care too much for the invasion of foreign bodies and needs time to adjust to any procedure where something false is placed inside it. Implants are made from titanium, as it is one of the few ‘aliens’ that the body will accept over time, but the side effects that come from this procedure stem the trauma that the mouth inevitably suffers from and needs to recover. The face body and neck will tend to bruise and become puffy as the mouth starts to heal from the operation. Surrounding teeth may ache, as well as the implant area being painful, and this may also extend to the head and ears, and also affect the sinuses. Pain that persist longer than a couple of days may need checking out, but generally, the use of pain killers will be enough to solve the problem until the body and mouth calms down and accepts that it has a new room-mate sitting in its mouth.