10 Sep

The horror that Oral Cancer brings to the City of London

Things often go wrong in your mouth in the city of London; ulcers, sore throats, tooth decay, blah, blah etc, etc. Normally, you can get a quick fix in order to get over these problems; however, if they continually persist and keep annoying you over a course of weeks, it could indicate something more evil is at hand- oral cancer. If you are a little wild with your exuberances, your fags, drinking and your diet- this will attack your immune system and leave you vulnerable to the disease. If you ever feel that things are going wrong in your mouth, get yourself checked out as soon as you can because if you get in quick with this disease, the better your chances are of beating it: recovery rates are good. But it will be a monumental effort- you will have to get a really good support system in place after your treatment; not only from professionals, but family and friends too. You can get through this but it will be a hard battle to fight psychologically, so you will have to get the best people around you to give you comfort and support during your recovery.