23 Apr

The horrors of Teeth Decay in Central London

It is a never-ending battle trying to stop your teeth from falling into rack and ruin. You go out and get the best products you can in central London, and of course, you always have your dentist to fall back on if something does go wrong: if you take your eye of the game for just one weekend though, problems will arise. Plaque is the main offender here; it builds up very quickly around the teeth and combined with food/drink residue on the surfaces of the teeth, decay can set in on the teeth. You will certainly know when you have a problem because your teeth will suffer from darting pains. If you act at this point, a filling may suffice or further down the line, a root canal. The thing is teeth decay can spiral very quickly into other problems such as abscesses and worse still, periodontal and gum disease. The inevitable will happen and you will lose your teeth in time. Your teeth may well discolour and breath won’t be pleasant either. The only way to combat this problem is to be vigilant with your teeth and get into a routine where you clean them like clockwork and visit your dentist regularly.