13 Oct

The illusion of Invisalign in London

Everyone loves a good illusionist and the dental world of London has found an award-winner in Invisalign. Okay, we all know that we may well have to wear a brace or an aligner at some point but do the really have to be so food-catching ugly? No, they don’t and this device proves why. When you enroll for Invisalign, you are first vetted to see if this device will work on you teeth and, if it does, you will be shown images of just how it will work and a projected image of how your teeth will look at the end- magic eh? In the meantime, your set of aligners, that you will change throughout the course as your teeth change, will be made in the laboratory, and you will be hard pushed to see what you having put in your mouth, because being made from a completely transparent material, they are almost invisible once fitted to your teeth! Now that’s not so ugly eh? Seeing that you will be advised to wear the aligner at least 22 hours a day, it means they are removable: no food catching here and again, it means you can eat and clean your teeth in a normal fashion. If you thought this device couldn’t get any better, well, it does: it works three times faster than most other so before you know it, the device has completely disappeared from your life again, which is a shame because by this time, you may just have fallen in love with this remarkable little device.