10 Nov

The importance of a dental check up in London

Keeping your teeth healthy should be a high priority to everybody, but according to most dentists in London, this isn’t the case. In fact, dental hygiene rates fairly low on peoples requirements. The mouth is the gateway to the body and it is important that teeth and gums are kept healthy, for any complications here can cause other complications throughout. A regular bi-annual visit to the dentist can spot problems in their infancy. A common problem is plaque. If this is allowed to develop unchecked, it can lead to gum disease, tooth decay and cavities (sometimes tooth loss) and then, the work required to rectify these problems can become complex and expensive. Going for a check up allows the dentist to monitor the health or your teeth and build up a history of your mouth. They can take x-rays and mouldings, to check the condition of the roots and the position of the occlusion (the bite), remove tartar, fill decayed cavities. Generally, a dental visit is the chance to give your mouth an MOT and like any mechanic, suggest any repairs and a course of action. But a dental check-up is also the prime opportunity for you to consult with the dentist. Are you having problems maintaining oral hygiene with brushing, toothpaste or mouthwashes? Maybe you’re considering some cosmetic restoration to give you back your smile. A check-up is a time for questions and answers, and a visit twice a year should be seen as a high health priority, not a chore.