04 Jan

The Important Fight On Bad Breath In Central London

 Central London is a very demanding place to live and expects the best of you at all times; the way you look is essential in this as appearances mean everything and can be the difference between you getting ahead or not. However, all of this is pointless if you suffer with bad breath as it can undo everything you have strived to achieve- so it needs to be fought against to get yourself back in the game. The causes can be many-fold; habits such as smoking, heavy drinking and a poor diet can help to dry up the saliva in the mouth, and if this happens, you are leaving yourself open to gum disease and tooth decay- another two protagonists in bad breath. Firstly, you need to see your dentist and hygienist in order to check for problems in your teeth and gums and then work out a way to tackle your diet and bad habits in order to get the saliva levels up in your mouth again. Your oral hygiene must change and improve: introducing herbal remedies into your daily programme can help to calm your mouth down and restore the blood flow back into the gums; your tongue must also be cleaned as it harbours lots of bacteria. Drinking lots of water can also help in keeping the mouth hydrated, as can chewing gum and sucking on sugar-free sweets. If all of these methods fail to work, then you’ll need to see a doctor, as the problem could well be emanating from deep inside you and completely unrelated to your mouth.