22 Jul

The Inman Aligner Can Straighten Teeth in Just 8 Weeks!

The Inman Aligner is a brilliant alternative to traditional fixed orthodontic appliances to help you straighten out your teeth and provide you with the perfect smile. With the Inman Aligner there is no need for metal wires or long treatment periods as they work quickly to realign your teeth in as little as eight weeks!

Stages of Inman Aligner treatment

There are three different stages of treatment with the Inman Aligner. These are:
Stage one: You will have your initial consultation to discuss whether the Inman Aligner is the best treatment option for you. You will have photographs of your smile taken and assessed to work out your best options.
Stage two: The goals of your treatment will be discussed and assessed before you have your teeth, bite and gums analysed by a Baker Street dentist.
Stage three: You will have moulds taken of your teeth to help determine how your teeth will move over the course of the treatment. A treatment plan will then be mapped out for you and your customised Inman Aligner will be created. Once this is done your Inman Aligner will need to be worn for 16-20 hours per day to ensure optimum tooth movement.

What are the advantages of the Inman Aligner?

There are a number of different advantages that come with the Inman Aligner, which include:

  • Only one aligner is used, make treatment easier and cheaper.
  • They can be removed easily so you can eat and brush your teeth as usual.
  • The Inman Aligner achieves some of the fastest results of any brace system and patients can have the look they want in 8-16 weeks.

If you would like more information, please call one of our Baker Street Dental Clinics in London. We will be happy to help you find the best brace for you.