19 Sep

The Inman Aligner descends on the City of London

So how do you fancy getting those goofy old teeth sorted out for once and for all- and quickly too? The Inman aligner is the one to do it for you in the city of London. Not only is this device removable throughout your treatment- excellent for your oral hygiene, but it works amazingly fast. Its mechanism literally shakes your front teeth loose and then hauls them into place. This means that those funny teeth of yours can be in place in as little as 6 weeks! Now of course, once the Inman has been taken out after such quick work, the teeth will feel the desire to spring out again, so you will have to wear a retainer after to prevent this from happening, but it won’t be for long, just until your teeth have settled and bedded into their new home. It isn’t that expensive, and it will be made bespoke to fit your mouth. But hey! 6 weeks? Who would argue with that?