13 Dec

The Inman Aligners touches down in Central London

If your teeth are causing you to hide away in group photographs, look down when you are talking to people and generally making you miserable, insecure and introverted in centralLondon, then it could be the time to do something about it. Now, there’s a good chance that you won’t want to sign up to any lengthy treatment either; normally the answer to that is ‘beggars can’t be choosers’, but with the Inman aligner, beggars can. If it’s just your top front teeth that are causing the problem, this is the aligner for you. It has a unique mechanism that keeps your teeth in a constant state of movement, which simply means that your teeth are going to move very fast indeed- 6 weeks fast, in fact! Yes, you heard it right 6 weeks!! Of course, such rapid movement will require the wearing of a retainer afterwards in your own time to stop them from springing back, but that’s a small price to pay indeed. During the treatment, your life will remain fairly normal when it come to eating or cleaning your teeth because the device can be taken out: 6 weeks! Prices start from around £1200, that’s £200 per week or around £28 per day, so come on a sign up for the aligner of the century and don’t forget now- 6 WEEKS!!!!