27 Nov

The Invisible Route to Straighter Teeth

Remember years ago when it was embarrassing to be seen with unsightly braces on your teeth?
Numerous patients still wear metal braces. Not only does the wearer feel insecure about wearing a brace, but the stress of brushing and getting around the metal braces is a difficult task to say the least. More so, eating certain foods can be a grievance – liquid diets aren’t necessarily appropriate for general nutrition, even if it does stop chunks of food getting stuck in between the braces, thus making brushing even more unmanageable.
Image is very personal to some people and metal braces can cause distress, especially in social situations, posing for photographs or generally associating in public.

There is a solution to this problem!

Invasalign invisible braces are transparent, which are so clear they are almost undetectable. Better still, they can be removed, are generally more comfortable and still gradually straighten your teeth so you can achieve the perfect smile.
Invasalign removable braces are innovative and growing rapidly within the dental community. More and more patients are opting for Invasalign braces because they are much more comfortable and pose less risk of metal allergies. Also, studies have shown that the revolutionary dental apparatus promote better oral hygiene than metal braces, therefore preventing gum disease.
Who wouldn’t desire straighter teeth? Especially if you don’t need to endure the visibility and have the freedom to remove them, so you can enjoy your favourite meals whenever you want.
Invasalign braces are becoming more popular worldwide and patients are satisfied with the final outcome – a set of beautiful, healthy, straighter teeth.

Sound tempting?

If you feel that your teeth need straightening but don’t want the drawback of a metal brace, then visit your dentist today and enquire about Invasalign invisible braces – the outcome will certainly make you smile.