08 Jun

The Joys of a Dental Bridge in London

So what is a dental bridge? Well, essentially, it’s a permanent false tooth, designed to fill the space left by the loss of your own tooth and there three basic types on offer, though over time, they have evolved and become a lot more refined as new materials and techniques have been incorporated into the fitting process. A cantilever bridge is used where there are low stresses going through the mouth, generally at the front of the mouth and is anchored to one or more teeth only to one side of the new tooth. A resin bonded bridge is attached to the adjacent teeth either side of the hole with resin and wire. The more popular choice however is a fixed bridge the new tooth is molded between two crowns that is then cemented to the teeth either side of the gap. Getting a bridge is a lot simpler than having an implant, although in some cases you can combine the two for extra rigidity. Fitting normally takes a couple of visits, but your London dentist will usually fit it temporarily at first to give it a test run to iron out any problems. The only downside to having a bridge fitted is that they require extra attention to detail when it comes to cleaning to ensure bacteria is removed from under the bridge. But your dentist will advise you on how to do this and be able to supply you with small, inter-dental brushes.