30 May

The Lavish Laser and your teeth in London

There is no getting away from the fact that one of the biggest breakthroughs in dentistry has come with the laser and the biggest relief has come to patients- no more drilling. The laser is rapidly becoming popular in most dental surgeries in London because it offers pain-free treatments. The drill could do the job, but the vibration caused could do further damage to the surrounding areas; the laser simply burns its way through a problem.
In some cases where nerves are in play, an injection may still be used for extra protection against pain. Lasers are taking over from the drill- they can do fillings and root canal treatments for they are so precise at removing decay. However, they have other strings to their bow; because of a lasers precision, they are used in the placement of dental implants because they do so little damage, hence, improving post-op healing. Lasers are also used in the contouring of gums; again, because there is no cutting involved from a scalpel, the gums have a reduced trauma and heal so much faster.
But probably, the most popular use of the laser is in tooth whitening. This has become the ‘must have’ treatment to put the smile back on your face. Your teeth are covered in the bleaching gel and the laser simply zaps them white. Maybe in the future, something else will come along, but right now, the laser is the foreseeable future.