09 May

The legacy of the Dental Implant in London

When something as disastrous as tooth loss occurs in your mouth, you can take comfort that the world of dentistry has the answers to get you patched up and on your way again. One of the methods that have become very popular these days is to have a dental implant fitted along with a crown. This treatment will give you total freedom, unlike opting for some type of denture and it will last you for life. This was once a very complex, nay, gruesome operation which could take many months to recover from, but computers and laser have put paid to this and now you can be in and out in a day. The operation is performed with pin-point accuracy and it involves having a tiny titanium implant screwed into your jaw, but it will be done efficiently and because of the minimal damage done through key-hole laser surgery, healing is quick and before you know it, you will have a new tooth, or set of teeth that you can use as efficiently as if you had your old teeth in place in London.