23 Mar

The magic of Mouthwashes in Central London

There is a view in some circles of dentistry in central London and even further a field, that mouthwashes are a waste of time and don’t really bring anything extra to the oral hygiene table at all. Well in the case of the cheaper ones, this may well be true. But before they are written off altogether, there are some good assets to the contrary. Oral hygiene isn’t easy to get right and dead easy to get wrong and you need to try anything you can to clean your teeth and once you have brushed and flossed, what’s wrong with sluicing a good tasting mouthwash around your mouth; they are certainly handy to have out and about during the day to freshen your breath with and also great for removing foodstuffs from the teeth. Also, some are manufactured with special roles in mind, like reducing plaque and tooth decay, even whitening your teeth gently- surely there must be a benefit in this? Let’s also remember, if you have undergone a tricky procedure, like dealing with a dry socket, the extraction of a tooth, gum contouring, had a root canal or even a dental implant fitted, using a medicated mouthwash can help breakdown bacteria and prevent infection from breaking out. No, mouthwashes have their place and are a great back-up to what it is you do in the bathroom.