20 May

The measure of the Mini-implant in the City of London

One of the conditions that dentists over the years have tried and tried to solve in the city of London is tooth-loss, and thanks to some pretty big advances in computer and laser surgery, they may well have just cracked it with mini-dental implants. These have been a revelation in their own right and have stepped out of the shadows of the bigger cousins. These little darlings are a great comfort if you have suffered from tooth-loss of late. They can be fitted very quickly so that you can be up and running in just a day: they are perfect for acting as a root for new incisor crowns. They can also be a great way of anchoring a dental bridge so that it is firmly rooted into your mouth, but probably, their greatest use is giving relief to people with full dentures. Keeping dentures in your mouth can be a nightmare as your gums shrink over time, but with a half a dozen mini implants located into your jaws, the dentures can be locked onto them strongly and remove the threat of them falling out at inappropriate times. Ask your dentist about how you can have this treatment done, how you can cover the costs and how they will work precisely for you- you will most certainly benefit from this treatment.