15 May

The miracle of Mini-implants in London

Tooth loss can be a very difficult time in London: first of all there is the shock of losing the tooth to get over and then just how you are going to replace it and what with. Mini-implants were only ever used at first to make way for their bigger siblings, but it was soon recognised that they had a use in their own right.
For starters they are dead easy to fit into the mouth, in fact, you can have a whole mouthful fitted in a day- they are simply placed by precision laser key hole surgery that does very little damage to the surrounding tissue, hence making healing faster.
They are very strong and pretty much in for life once they are in and have some great uses: if the is some bone deficiency in the jaw, they are much more preferred than a full implant and can be used almost immediately when fitted; they are good for housing smaller incisors where there is less pressure on the teeth. But possibly, the most popular use of the mini implant is to help anchor fittings into the mouth- again, good with small crowns but they can also be used to secure a dental bridge. Yet they truly come into their own when used in conjunction with dentures: 5-7 are fitted into the jaws for each denture (that then has to be modified). Once ready, the denture simply clicks into position over the implants and it keeps them true and strong in the mouth than they ever were before.