24 Jul

The Miracle Of The Dental Implant In London

There is no question of how technology has made its mark on dentistry in London: it has greatly improved all procedures and there is no finer example of this than dental implant surgery; implants are an excellent method by which to overcome tooth loss. The reason why technology has advanced this treatment is the laser: before this came along, getting implants fitted was rather intricate, drawn out and very expensive. It’s amazing to think now that it is completely the opposite; simple, quick and not badly priced either. When you opt for this treatment, your dentist will sit you down and talk you through it stage by stage, and then your ready: first, the laser will make a small hole in your gums and then into the jaw-bone and after, the small titanium spike will be screwed into the bone; this should take around and hour or so. Then, your body needs to be given time to adjust and heal, but this shouldn’t take long as the laser does the most finite of damage- and then your new crown or bridge can be fitted straight after. You’ll need to be careful with your hygiene afterwards to avoid infection but once the implant has settled and your gums have healed, you’ll soon discover that this is one of the best choices you have made: an implant will last as long as you do; it will be strong, better than your original root and you will never have to worry about doing anything different from before, like brushing and eating.