20 Jan

The natural way to fight Gum Disease in the City of London

Herbal alternatives to Gingivitis in the City of London
Dentists can come out with all guns blazing in the city of London, eager to show off all of their latest toys and technology to treat you with and yes that is fantastic for you the patient. But amongst all of these laser wars and in-depth ‘have it all done’ now machinery, there is an element of ignoring the alternatives which could be just as affective, and even if you ask a ‘modern’ dentist, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised to discover that they are also great supporters of herbal remedies- especially in the fight against gingivitis or gum disease. Gum disease means that your teeth and gums are at risk but it can be treated with some immaculate herbal alternatives. Firstly, it is important to up the vitamins in your body through supplements and by eating the right foods, as this will help to strengthen your immune system and keep the saliva flowing in your mouth. Secondly, alternative herbs can be used when it comes to that time when you brush and floss your teeth: a drop of tea tree oil or Echinacea on your brush and floss helps to take the heat out of inflamed gums, and if your massage your gums as well in these, it can help to stimulate the blood vessels into life again. Cloves, licorice root, calendula and sage are also very effective on the gums when mixed with Vitamin E or baking soda and then applied to the gums. Probably the easiest way to help in the fight against gum disease is salt- mixed with water for rinsing or applied to a brush it can shop your gums from bleeding within days.