08 Aug

The old and grey Fillings in London

Amalgam fillings seem to have been coming in for a lot of criticism in London over the last decade and having them done just doesn’t seem a good idea any more. On a vanity level, they certainly don’t get the backing of these make-over dandies that present these beauty shows on TV- they are considered ugly and tired compared to the new white fillings on offer, and so they are becoming very unfashionable and ‘uncool’. But over the years, their biggest critics are those from within the dental industry itself and this is down to what they are made from. The materials used in an amalgam filling are an alloy of various metals, but one of which is mercury which is highly toxic and has been loosely linked with some pretty serious conditions in the body, from birth defects to mental illness which is why some countries have banned the practise of using amalgam in dental procedures. But is this just scaremongering again? These fillings have been around for over 150 years now and no-one can fault there durability- they easily outlast their white counterparts and if you are concerned about how they look, your dentist will advise you against removing one, as it isn’t an easy procedure and you could be doing more damage to your teeth. As for the health fears, of course there will be evidence to counter the use of amalgam but then no-one lives for ever and the release of mercury into the system is minimal- yes, it will affect people in different ways, but then, so do many other things. You should do your research first and make an informed decision before writing off amalgam completely.