29 Sep

The ongoing fight against Tooth Decay in Central London

Tooth decay in central London is the direct result of poor oral hygiene. In the average diet, the foods will consist of carbohydrates and sugar at some point but it’s vital that they are removed from the surface of the tooth, otherwise, the bacteria and acids that emanate from such foods will start to attack the surface of the tooth and then eat into the tooth itself, causing decay- the teeth are at even further risk if saliva levels in the mouth are low (usually caused by medication, stress and/or diet), as this acts as a natural deterrent to bacteria. Good oral hygiene and regular dental excursions will be enough to thwart tooth decay, mess this up however and the first time you realize decay has set in is when you have a tooth ache- this may be remedied with a filling but if it’s bad, you will require root canal treatment. Any further ignorance towards the problem and the tooth will fall out altogether. Of course the side effects of this can lead to gum disease and then you are in a world of hurt that will take some pretty expensive and extensive treatment to put right if you don’t want to end up wearing dentures.