25 Feb

The problem solving Porcelain Crown in London

It is always nice to know that if something goes wrong in your mouth, modern dentistry in London has all the answers to help solve these problems. When it comes to the problem of tooth loss or tooth decay, your dentist may well call in the services of the porcelain crown to repair the damage: the porcelain crown is a thing of beauty. It is the perfect way to restore the shape and size of a tooth after serious tooth decay, or to set up a ‘new tooth’ on a dental implant to overcome the problem of losing a tooth. The thing about porcelain is that is a magical material and the closest you can find that matches the natural enamel of the teeth, so it is the perfect replacement. However, there are two versions of the porcelain crown and the way it is used depends on where it needs to be placed in the mouth. Pure porcelain crowns tend to be used at the front of the mouth where the workload is light and all they really have to do is show-off. But at the back of the mouth, the workload is heavier and a lot of forces go through this area, hence a stronger crown is called for. In this case, a porcelain-over-metal crown will be employed as it is far stronger than a full porcelain crown.