25 Sep

The problems of Teething in the City of London

In the city of London, there are no set rules when it comes to your babies teeth, some babies can be born with teeth showing, others can take up to almost a year before they begin to come through. With that in mind, all you can do is be prepared as best you can. The pain threshold in babies is not unlike adults, some babies will suffer from teething, others will not. Those that suffer may well become irritable and keep you up all night- they will show signs of fidgeting and restlessness and do a lot of dribbling, they may also get hot flushes. It is also possible to feel the teeth coming through by running your finger gently over your baby’s gums. This is a very delicate period, so if you have any doubts about what is happening, you can always call your doctor or paediatrician, which isn’t such a bad idea anyway, for they can give you ideas on how to nurse your baby through these early years. Seeing as the child is going to be trying to chew on anything during this period (another sign of teething), then help the process along by encouraging the chewing with a teething ring- this will help the teeth to break through, at which point, any pain will cease. There are some gels, medicines and mild painkillers you can use as well, but you should also consult your doctor first about this. Finally, nothing beats an old-fashioned cuddle, so these are of the highest order.