15 Nov

The problems of Tooth Discolouration in Central London

Your teeth can become discoloured for many reasons in central London, but you can get over the problem very quickly. The first causes of the problem can arise from your diet and the lack of calcium and like in your finger nails, this will also reflect in your teeth as they become blotchy. The over-use of fluoride, the very thing that is put there to save your teeth, can also result in the same effect. But your lifestyle is essentially the biggest perpetrator as to why your teeth will discolour: smoking, alcohol and certain foods will certainly take the tarnish from your teeth and stain them. So you should count yourself lucky that you live in an age where cosmetic dentistry can come to the rescue. However, it would be wise to get your diet under control and cut back on the bad things you do first before getting a makeover. In some cases, whitening your teeth will overcome the problem: you can first try by using whitening toothpastes. These are fabulous and you’ll know within a week if this is all you need. If not, you can go for a bleaching kit, or get some laser whitening from your dentist. If the condition however is pronounced, the best way to cover up this discolouration is to opt for some dental bonding or even veneers. But get your dentist on your side first so that you can get the best treatment that you can.