04 Dec

The Protocol for Dental Implants

Dental implants have taken the world by storm, but what does treatment entail? What kinds of policies do we adopt to protect our patients and ensure the highest standards of care? What are the benefits?

Dental implant treatment protocol

We adhere to strict health and safety measures to protect our patients and staff members at all times. We follow the strongest infection control procedures, our staff undergo training on a regular basis and we use the latest equipment and technology to ensure that all instruments are sterile, waste is disposed of safely and carefully and patients are treated in a comfortable, secure environment.
We use only the finest materials and tried and tested implant systems that have been developed based on extensive research and boast excellent safety and performance records. Your safety is our priority and we want every patient to leave us with a healthy and happy smile. Not all dental implants are the same and we actively avoid those without extensive clinical backing.

What does dental implant treatment involve?

Planning is very important when it comes to implant treatment and we use the latest technology to assess suitability for treatment and subsequently site the optimum location for the implant. Our dentists are experienced in this field and use their expertise to place implants very carefully. Once the implant has settled, we use the highest quality restorations to create natural looking results and ensure optimum functionality. Implant treatment tends to take around 3-8 months, but the results are well worth the wait. With implants, you’ll feel like you have healthy, strong natural teeth again and you can eat, speak and smile without any anxiety at all.
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