11 Jun

The restorative power of dentures from City of London dentist

Over the course of your life your teeth and gums are constantly under attack from bacteria and plaque that damage the teeth and cause dental problems. In some cases this can result in losing teeth due to severe decay. Having missing teeth not only looks unattractive but can have wider health consequences, such as causing the facial tissue to sag. This leaves a sunken appearance that can become permanent if not addressed in time.
For these reasons, City of London dentists usually recommend that patients who have lost all or the majority of their teeth have a set of dentures fitted. In the past dentures have often come with a stigma that they look false, are uncomfortable and are prone to falling out causing embarrassment. However, over the last ten years improvements in denture technology have seen vastly more realistic and well-fitting dentures become available for all patients.
A good pair of dentures should remain in place through suction around the gums alone. Many patients resort to using denture adhesives to keep loose dentures in place. These are effective but can also be messy and limit what foods the patient can eat. Your dentist can adjust your dentures so they will stay securely in place without the need for adhesives.
Alternatively, you could opt to have mini-implants fitted to the jawbone to act as a secure base for the dentures. These will keep the dentures securely in place without any unnecessary fuss or mess. You can even still use your regular dentures, which can be fitted with special clips so they can attach to the implants. In all, five mini-implants are used to secure one set of dentures.