21 Mar

The rewards of Dental Crowns inLondon

Getting to the root of tooth decay or overcoming tooth loss (possibly because of it) can be a bit of a wake up call for you in London and should be a warning to you to look after yourself better in the future. However, if you have suffered from any of these, your mouth will need repairing again and one of the more secure ways of keeping your teeth and gums healthy in the future and looking great with it, getting a crown fitted is the way forward. With tooth loss, these can be used in bridges or alongside implant surgery to plug up the holes in your smile. But there other use is to restore a tooth that has been badly damaged through injury or decay and it’s important that you do to prevent the problem spreading through infection. Generally, crowns are constructed from some type of porcelain, as it looks in keeping with the rest of your teeth and can be colour coded to match perfectly as well- this goes for crowns used in tooth loss. However, for the more outgoing among us or show-offs as they are better known, precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver can be used and in the case of the first two, are strong as well and can take a lot of work thrown at them. Whatever you choose tough, there is no doubt about the benefits to your health by having one fitted.