22 Dec

The Root Canal Treatments of the old City of London

Serious tooth decay is generally caused by a combination of poor oral hygiene and the lack of dental visits: once acids and bacteria settle on the surface of the tooth, they begin to eat away at the enamel and you will know when you are starting to have problems when you start to suffer from pain when anything touches the surface of the tooth. If you visit the dentist early on, you can be cured with a filling. However, if you ignore it, there’s a chance that the pain may subside, but the decay won’t and soon the enamel will be penetrated and your tooth will become infected: the pain will certainly return with venom. At this stage you will require a root canal, that’s if you want to save your tooth. This has become a more refined treatment over the years in the city of London, but it still doesn’t paint a pretty picture: the infected pulp has to be removed from inside the tooth before the removal of the roots can take place. Then the tooth will be disinfected before being filled and then capped with a crown. Often or not, you may well suffer from a little pain afterwards, especially if the roots have been difficult to remove, but this can normally be countered with painkillers. If the pain continues however, you should make an instant return to the dentists.