01 Oct

The secret of the 6 Months Smile in the City of London

Having your teeth straightened in the old days was seen as something that was a necessity and yet a very uncomfortable one to have to experience. Fixed braces, though they work immaculately, tend to look very ugly in the mouth and this leaves the wearer vulnerable to some serious ‘ribbing’ from others, especially in a playground situation. Since those days however, the art of teeth correction has recognized that we live in a modern material world, and torment from wearing braces really needn’t have to be like this. This is why in the city of London, there is a brace that takes into account these factors and has moved the fixed braces to another level- the 6 months smile. It works in the same way as a traditional fixed brace but with quite a few additions. Though it works to control the problems of biting and overcrowding, its real advantage is that it look at a person’s smile, and concentrates only on the problem teeth that stick out. The materials used in its construction are also sympathetic to the wearer: Tooth colored ceramic plates are placed onto the surface of your teeth, linked by a very thin wire and then anchored to the back of the mouth, making the overall look very discreet. The wire is constantly tightened by your dentist throughout the treatment to move the teeth very quickly- as it says, as quickly as 6 months!