29 Aug

The sharp-shooting Inman Aligner does London

It has to be said that the world of orthodontics in London has really upped its game over the past 30 years or so. There are some stunning little devices on the market that will straighten your teeth, quickly and discreetly, just what you need to get through this tempestuous time in your life. But if you look at the options, in the mix of all these choices is an absolute missile of a device that is absolutely dynamic in the way it straightens your teeth- the brash and sharp-shooting Inman aligner. It won’t be for everyone because the mechanics and design of it means that it only works on the front upper teeth, but if that’s you, you’re in for a treat. It has that luxury of being removable for a start, so it doesn’t infringe on your oral hygiene but once in place, it gets to work immediately: a bar and wire will loosen up your teeth by rocking them and then pulling them back into the required place. This technique leads to rapid movement and you will be blown away by how fast your teeth will move- it can be as quick as 6 weeks! Now, don’t ask about price or anything silly, 6 weeks should be the biggest incentive for getting rid of those buck teeth that have been annoying you all your life!