28 Apr

The Side Effects of a Dental Implant in London

There is a lot said about the wonders of dental implants in London, and justifiably so, for this treatment has advanced tremendously over the past 20 years, and the benefits that are there for anyone who has suffered the trauma of tooth loss, are extraordinary and remarkable; the freedom they afford to live a normal life again, are second to none when it comes to dental procedures. But it’s important to remember that when you interfere with the body, on any level, you are messing with a unit that is built up from millions of components that rely on each other and exist through a common goal. Tamper with one element, and the rest of the body needs time to regroup in order to ensure it can heal any damage done to that area. For all the advances in implant surgery to reduce the stresses during placement, and the unique healing processes that are used post-surgery, the body will react to any ‘invasion’ and there may be side affects. The worst example is the body may show initial signs of rejecting the implant through swelling of the face, sore jaw, swelling to the lips and gums, bad breath and unusual fluctuations of temperature. Most of these can be countered by medication, but if after a few weeks, the face has not settled, it could mean that the body is rejecting the intrusion of the implant altogether. All of us heal differently, some of us not at all, but in the event of this occurring after a dental implant, medical support and back-up will be on hand to solve the problem.