02 Oct

The simple solution to bad breath from Central London dentist

Bad breath can be a very embarrassing and often unpleasant social condition more often than not caused by insufficient oral hygiene. There have probably been times in our lives when we have all suffered with bad breath because of certain circumstances but if it is happening on a regular basis then you need to consider making some serious changes to your oral hygiene routine.
However, one of the really cruel things about bad breath is that it is very hard to know if you are suffering from it. Therefore you need to be aware that by not brushing and flossing properly each day, you could have bad breath that everyone notices except you.
In almost 90 per cent of cases, bad breath is caused by oral problems. While in some cases it may be to do with digestion issues, it is always worth exploring the most simple explanation first and in this case it is due to bad brushing of the teeth. Bad breath is caused by food particles getting caught in the teeth. Bacteria then breeds on these particles and release foul smelling gases as they decompose. This is then carried out on the breath causing the problem. The simple solution therefore is to remove these food particles by brushing and flossing twice a day. Then the bacteria will have nowhere to breed and your breath will stay fresh.
Your Central London dentist will be able to tell you more about how best to clean your teeth and what you need to do to avoid bad breath. Treating bad breath really is that simple in most cases despite what the thousands of internet sites promising miracle cures may say.