01 Dec

The Symptoms and Dangers of Tooth Abscess Discussed by Your Dentist in London

An abscessed tooth refers to the problem of a bacterial infection occurring in the pulp of your tooth. When pus is enclosed in the root of your tooth between the gum and a tooth, you will experience the severe pain of an abscessed tooth. It is quite a painful problem at first and even if the pain goes away, the infection will spread and cause very dangerous complications. An abscessed tooth is typically the result of extreme tooth decay. Other causes may be a chipped or broken tooth and at times, periodontal disease. If you are experiencing constant toothache, you may have an abscessed tooth and should seek attention from your dentist in London straight away. Patients often describe the pain as sharp, shooting, or throbbing. If you are running a fever, it is critical you seek medical attention because your infection may be quite bad. You may have sensitivity to cold and hot foods and drinks, a persistent bad taste in your mouth, swelling of your neck glands and gums, and swelling in your jaw. You may also experience halitosis, the medical term for bad breath as a result of your abscessed tooth. Without treatment, you will lose your teeth or worse. The infection from the abscessed tooth will spread throughout your body if left untreated and will lead to serious medical complications that could hospitalize you.