03 Sep

The torment of a Tooth Abscess in London

Some problems come and go in the mouth without causing too much stress and anyway, can often be easily fixed by your dentist in London. But, if you get a tooth abscess flare up in your mouth, this is something that is not so matter of fact for in some cases it can become life threatening. Dentists ‘bang on’ about the need for good oral hygiene but with good reason and if you’re wise, you’d heed their message because an abscess is a result of poor oral hygiene. The mouth is very complex and things can go wrong very quickly: if you let your teeth go, plaque will develop and turn to tartar which in turn will lead to gum disease and tooth decay and once any infection builds up below the gum line, an abscess will form, and you will know about it. Apart from the excruciating pain, your face will swell up like a balloon and then you need to take action quickly as the toxins from the abscess will have already started to poison your blood stream and brain. A dentist/doctor can only get to work on you once the swelling has been attended to and this means taking antibiotics to halt the infection, then, the tooth and surrounding gums can be worked on. You may be lucky and get away with a root canal to save your tooth, but an abscess is not a problem that goes away lightly and may well return at some point which means it can only be remedied by having the tooth removed all together.