26 Jun

The Treatment for Tooth Decay in Central London

It is a grim fact, yet most of us will suffer from some form of tooth decay at some conjecture in our lives in central London and it is hardly surprising considering how quickly it can take hold. We try to prevent it by having a good oral hygiene programme, watching what we eat, regular dental visits- even the fitting of dental sealants, yet just take 24 hours holiday and plaque begins to work alongside bacteria and starts to work straight away on the surfaces of our teeth. The next thing that happens is cavities will develop and then eat into the inside the teeth and infect the pulp: all this can lead to gum and periodontal disease, and abscesses. For prevention, sealants will reduce this risk, as will the removal of plaque and tartar before it takes hold, but when it starts the cavities will need to be filled by your dentist; any worse though, an infected tooth will need a root canal in order to remove the pulp and roots, pretty much considered dead at this point, from inside the tooth before it can be filled again.