27 Oct

The Treatment of Tooth Decay in Central London

Tooth decay- that old enemy we are trying to avoid over and over again in central London; yes the products are on the market and if we work hard at learning to look after our teeth, we will all benefit in the end. However, life just refuses to be that simple and it only takes a few hours of misjudgment and your into a possible nose-dive of plaque developing. Now your good old friend the dentist can counter all the things that you may have missed at home and if there is any indication of a cavity forming, they can solve the problem by filling your tooth- that is of course, if you stick to your appointments. Miss a couple though and a cavity can lead to tooth decay, threaten the longevity of your teeth and set off gum disease in the process. There is only one answer to serious tooth decay and that’s by your dentist administering a root canal- this is ugly reading. It involves clearing the tooth of rotten pulp, drilling out the roots, then filling the tooth again and topping it with a crown. Modern processes and new laser treatments have removed the pain and difficulty of such problems and made solving tooth decay a lot easier. However, oral hygiene and help from your dentist and you should be able to avoid it in the first place.