14 Oct

The trials and tribulations of Oral Cancer in Central London

Diagnosis oral Cancer: this isn’t the best scenario that you can have laid at your feet in Central London, but if you have been hit with this news, you are going to dust yourself down and get ready for the fight ahead. The causes- who knows? It’s still a bit of a baffling mystery to doctors as to why some suffer from the disease and others don’t when they are doing exactly the same things in life. However, damaging your immune system through a poor diet, smoking and heavy drinking isn’t helping the cause. The early warning signs are things that just haven’t gone away for a few weeks; ulcers, sore throats, swallowing problems or jaw-aches- just a few to mention and you should get yourself checked out as soon as you can. A couple tests will determine quickly if you have the disease and then you will be treated straight away; the faster the better because this gives you the best chance of all to recover. It won’t be easy and you will have to get in a support system from professional nurses like Macmillan, friends and of course family; having such people around you like this will help guide you through this tricky time. Then you need to reflect on just how you got into this horror story in the first place and then turn over a new leaf in your life so it doesn’t happen again.