15 Jul

The truth about root canal treatments at City of London dentist

There are few dental treatments that cause as much fear and anxiety as the root canal treatment. Everybody has probably heard the tales about the dentist’s drill and the excruciating pain, but just what is the truth behind this much-feared procedure?
In reality, using anaesthetic and modern treatment methods there really is no reason a root canal should be any more painful than having a filling and if anything could be responsible for bringing an end to the pain of dental infection. Root canals are needed when dental decay has led to the formation of a dental infection in the central part of the tooth. This can be very painful because this is where the very sensitive dental nerve is located.
If this infection is not treated in time it could lead to even more extreme pain, the spread of the infection and the loss of the tooth. With a root canal, the dentist aims to make a hole to gain access to the root part of the tooth. This is accomplished either using a drill or in modern times even with a dental laser. Once inside the root, the City of London dentist will attempt to remove all the infected matter from inside the tooth. They will then fill the cavity with medicine and seal it using filling material and then possibly secure the tooth with a dental crown.
This will kill the infection and ultimately preserve the tooth, even if the dental nerve has for the most part been destroyed. The root canal has a bad reputation but if you’ve ever suffered from severe toothache and had the pain relieved by a root canal you will know this reputation is unjustified.