23 Sep

The truth about root canal treatments at City of London dentists

The root canal treatment has a fearsome reputation but is this really justified and what is the actual truth behind this infamous dental procedure? Well, to be honest, the root canal gets a slightly raw deal. When performed with an anaesthetic, there is no real reason why the treatment should be any more painful than a filling or routine check up and with new dental technology and implements available to dentists, the treatment is all the time becoming less traumatic and more comfortable for the patient.
Furthermore, few people ever consider the benefits the procedure can have for your dental health. Far from being the cause of pain, a root canal is often the solution. It is carried out when the central part of the tooth, where the nerve is located, is infected and under attack. This can be excruciatingly painful but will eventually stop when the dental nerve is destroyed. This might bring an end to your pain but it will almost certainly bring an end to your tooth, which will fall out. The aim of the root canal is to prevent this happening by removing the infection before it can destroy the root.
To do this, your City of London dentist will need to drill a hole down into the root and remove the infected material manually. When the material is removed the cavity will then be filled with medicine to destroy any residual infection and then sealed with a filling or even a dental crown. This will protect the tooth from any further problems and also preserve its functionality.
Once the infection has been removed, the tooth will hopefully be safe from any further damage and the patient free to carry on their life as normal without any pain or dental complication.