05 Jun

The wonders of cosmetic dentistry from City of London dentist

In the past, the role of the dentist was solely one of treating and repairing damaged or decayed teeth and gums but in recent years they have also become to be seen as cosmetic practitioners, offering a multitude of different treatments to improve the appearance of the teeth.
One of the most common and affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures is teeth whitening, this involves bleaching the teeth with a substance called hydrogen peroxide. This removes stained areas and lightens the shade of the tooth enamel by as much as ten shades. Teeth whitening treatments start from as little as sixty pounds but do become more expensive the more comprehensive the treatment you choose. Whiter teeth can have a dramatic affect on the smile and make you look years younger.
There are many more cosmetic procedures that can be used. For teeth that are badly worn, uneven or discoloured there is the option of having a whole set of porcelain veneers fitted. This is one of the most dramatic improvements that can be made to the teeth and even the most unattractive teeth can be completely transformed. Porcelain veneers will also offer a greater degree of protection to the natural teeth that remain underneath and will last upwards of twenty years if properly maintained.
More comprehensive cosmetic dentistry work carried out simultaneously is often called a smile makeover. This is when the City of London dentist attempts to completely remodel the smile using a variety of different cosmetic dentistry techniques. You may be familiar with the smile makeover as they are commonly used on TV transformation shows where the contestants undergo a radical overhaul of their appearance.