18 May

The wonders of Cosmetic dentistry in the City of London

One of the jokes that Americans often make about Britain is how bad our teeth are. Over there, they have so many contraptions and dental procedures to make their teeth straight and white, that almost everyone has the model mouth. Yet, if you take a walk around the city of London, you may have noticed that ‘we’ are catching up with our American cousins, and thanks to an explosion of dental technology in the last 20 years, cosmetic dentistry has become available to everyone, and at a very reasonable price too. It all starts with straightening the teeth and a new age of aligners have made it easy to get your teeth into position. Gums can be perfectly shaped, gaps and cracks in the teeth hidden away and missing teeth can be easily replaced with new developments in implant technology. However, it’s in the field of creating the perfect shape and color in teeth where cosmetic dentistry has really taken off- dental bonding and veneers are high in demand for putting the smile back on your face, but the biggest fashionable techniques for teeth whitening can be found in home DIY bleaching kits that you can buy on the high street and laser whitening, the hot topic right now on TV make-over programs. But look through all the glitz of these techniques and you’ll find that they leave you teeth healthy as well.