23 Oct

The wonders of Modern Dentistry in London

Over the past 50 years, the has been an incredible shift in technology in the dental world of London. For a while, dental procedures seemed to stagnate and the type of treatments that were offered were very basic. If you were rich of course, you could afford the very best treatments on offer, but for others, the options were limited. However, over in the States, they put a lot of work into and development into dental procedures, which is why we have benefited in this country, as the message has finally got through to dentists over here. Even then, it still took a long while to sink in until a massive change in technology kicked in. Computers has revolutionised all walks of life, especially dentistry. It has made things a lot faster to analyse and treatments quicker; we have immediate digital imaging giving fast diagnosis to problems, scalpels and drills are starting to be replaced with laser treatments that make procedures virtually pain-free, but where dentistry has radically altered is cosmetically, thanks largely to the media. We live in a far more glamorous world and the clamour to look at our best at all times has seen an amazing rise in techniques to make our teeth look better and healthier flooding the market. This has meant that these wonders are no longer the domain of the rich and famous, they are now available to everyone at reasonable prices.