15 Mar

The work of LANAP in Central London

It is a testament to mankind’s desire to push back the medical boundaries and develop new and better technology with which to maintain our health. Dentistry in central London has benefited greatly from such advances in technology and there are some pretty impressive dental procedures designed to keep the teeth in our mouths. There is no doubt about how brilliantly the laser has revolutionised dental procedures making them cleaner, more precise and by doing little damage to the teeth and gums, made procedures painless and easy to recover from. But to see the laser at its best, you should take a look at LANAP- laser-assisted new attachment procedure. All of us live constantly under the threat of plaque and the damage it can go on to do throughout the mouth and two of the most damaging are gum and periodontal disease, but even these are finally being given a run for their money with LANAP this promotes regeneration of diseased tissue and actually promotes new growth to the affected areas. The laser selects only diseased tissue from inside the gum pocket, removing very precisely disease from the surfaces of the tissue without damaging them and then stimulates existing cells in the tissue. In some cases the re-growth in the tissue is quite staggering and removes the need for grafting for the gums and bone structure below. This type of treatment can overcome even the worst cases of gum and periodontal disease and as long as you do your bit with a lifestyle change, your teeth and gums will recover.