09 Mar

The work of London Hygienists

When you look after your oral health, you will throw all manner of wonderful products at the situation in order to keep things healthy. However, it is always good to constantly update what you are doing and how you are doing it too and oral hygiene isn’t just about brushing and cleaning either. The best person you can get on your side in London is a hygienist who can advise you on all aspects of dental care. Their main aim is preventative dentistry, things you should learn to stop things going wrong in the first place. Yes they can give a good scale and polish to keep infection away below the gum-line, but they have other good tips for you as well. These are the people to ask about your oral hygiene and can tell you how to improve it. Diet is also an important ingredient to having god healthy teeth and gums and they can advise you on this as well. They know all about herbal remedies and can also help you to quit smoking, as this can destroy your gums. Finally they can re-mineralise your teeth’s enamel by applying fluoride and prevent tooth decay by fitting you with dental sealants…..very good people to know!