01 Oct

There are lots of reasons to Floss in the City of London

Flossing has become an integral part of your oral hygiene over the past thirty years in the city of London and with good reason; flossing gives tremendous back-up to the regular cleaning to your mouth but it will also get right into places where normal oral hygiene cant: a toothbrush is fine for getting rubbish off the surfaces of your teeth and prevent plaque from forming, but if food gets lodged between your teeth, a regular brush will not be able to remove this. The market is flooded with various types of flosses right now- which is brilliant, but if you have any doubts about how to use floss, get advice from your dentist if need be in order to get the technique right- you have to do a lot of practise in order to get this correct from the off, but if you get it spot-on, you’ll be okay; and then you have to go out and get a floss that suits you. This may take a little trial and error at first, but get it right and you will be avoiding a world of hurt: plaque feeds off the bacteria that builds up from the deposits left behind from un-removed food. It only takes a while before decay will set in and gum disease to take hold. Flossing can prevent all of this, or at least keep it at bay.