26 Oct

There is no Wisdom in tooth pain in the City of London

Okay, so you have come through years of oral turmoil- decay, secondary teeth and braces; you may well have thought you’d got through the worst of it in the city of London by the time you hit 17….alas no. The final thing on the agenda is the surfacing of your wisdom teeth and for some this can be a right nightmare of a time. For the lucky few though, wisdom teeth will only cause discomfort as they beak through the skin- this can be combated with painkillers and some form of herbal medicine; plus when through, they may well sit happily in the mouth for the rest of your life. But for the majority of people, there is a good chance that these teeth simply don’t have enough room to grow into, and so develop in all directions and may never even surface; aside from causing a lot of pain, they can become a real issue to the rest of the mouth and the only option is to have them taken out. This is quite a major operation because they are very strong and deep-rooted teeth, and seeing as the best way is to have all four removed at once to get it over and done with, you may have to spend time in hospital as the procedure can be quite complex and yes, it will be painful after and you have to be on the ball to recover from it, but hopefully, this should be the end of your oral problems once you have healed.