12 Feb

Tips for Improving Your Teeth in the City of London

There are plenty of ways to improve your teeth in the city of London. Firstly, it’s important to keep your teeth healthy; regular visits to the dentist should always be a high priority so that you can get your teeth cleaned and any repairs can be carried out if you need them. Good oral hygiene at home helps, through regular brushing and flossing, as does maintaining a good, healthy diet. But even through our best endeavors, teeth can suffer as we grow and get older and this is where cosmetic dentistry comes into play. To start with, teeth can grow crooked and unsightly, but whatever your age, you can have them corrected through the use of braces and aligners- some that work in as little as 6 weeks. Teeth will also wear over time, become chipped and cracked, gaps can start to appear and some teeth even disappear. These can be improved by having dermal fillers for minor cosmetic work and to replace old, grey fillings with white ones, or by having veneers fitted to restore the youthfulness to the mouth. Missing teeth can be replaced with bridges or by having implants fitted into the mouth. But if your teeth are simply looking a little discolored, you could opt for teeth whitening, either by doing it yourself with a home bleaching kit, or through your dentist with easy laser treatments. Of course, if you have any doubts about which treatments to choose, a dentist will be able to enlighten you as to all the treatments available to you to improve your teeth.