21 Jan

Tips on good dental care from City of London dentist

Taking good care of your teeth is a simple and effective way of looking after them and keeping them healthy for life. By following just a few simple rules you can keep your teeth free of decay and gum disease and keep your breath fresh. But it is amazing how many people are unaware of how to clean their teeth properly and the trouble this can cause.
Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for at least three minutes using a brush with appropriate bristles (too hard can be damaging, too soft can be ineffectual) and suitable toothpaste. A City of London dentist can recommend both of these products at a routine check up. By brushing at a forty-five degree angle to the teeth you are also cleaning the gums helping to keep them healthy. Again, a dentist can show you the best way to brush.
It is also crucial that you use dental floss on a daily basis. Not flossing is like having a shower and only washing two thirds of your body. Because food and bacteria can get stuck in hard to reach places and between teeth this often means that decay starts in places you cannot see. That is why it is crucial to floss everyday to remove this matter from difficult to reach places. Decaying food mater caught between teeth is also responsible for 90 per cent of cases of bad breath, which can be prevented with flossing.
Other cleaning tools such as tongue scrapers and inter-dental brushes, as well as mouthwashes, can be recommended by your dentist at your next six-monthly appointment, which is the most fundamental way of keeping your mouth healthy.