25 May

Tiptoeing Over Sensitive Teeth in the City of London

Sensitive teeth can be a serious problem on a daily basis in the city of London, stopping you from doing things, eating and drinking things and just down right irritating. The causes are many: over exuberant brushing can wear down the enamel and destroy the gums around the base of the teeth.
Tooth decay can also affect the way your teeth react to temperature and chewing. Gum disease can cause the gums to recede hence exposing sensitive part of the tooth below the gum-line. Teeth grinding and bleaching can also have the same affect. Whatever the causes, you should treat it as best you can; changing your brush to softer bristles and switching toothpaste to a more sensitive one can have immediate effects and take away the pain; fluoride mouth-washes are also very good for this.
You also have your dentist to fall back on with some of these problems; a filling should clear up any problems with tooth decay. As for the exposed areas of the teeth, you can opt for several methods; it is possible to coat the teeth with fluoride varnishes or gels in order to cover the problem. You can also have a dental sealant placed over the exposed areas for protection. Of course, if you grind your teeth, you should really have a mouth-guard fitted in order to protect the enamel from being ground away.