12 Sep

Toddler’s Teeth Need To Be Protected From Dental Disaster

Recent news in the UK has highlighted the need for young children and parents to understand the harmful effects of a lax dental health regime. Teaching children to brush teeth can be difficult at the best of times, but our dentists are trained to the highest standards. We can help you and your child fend off harmful bacteria.
It’s important to take your children to the dentist from an early age before any phobias and fears begin to develop. A positive dental experience from an early age can help to determine a path of good oral health throughout a lifetime.
Correct Oral Hygiene Tips
Many children can find a hard toothbrush painful on the gums and should therefore be introduced using a softer children’s brush. It’s also important to keep children away from crisps, sweets and sugary juice drinks. These culprits are to blame for the high instance of tooth decay which is currently blighting the UK’s children.